Gina Bella February 1, 2018

In the world of ecommerce, social media is the Swiss Army Knife. Not only is social the best medium for ROI regarding sales, but it can also help you attract a whole host of new customers. While it can be tough to gain traction as an ecommerce store on social media, there are a few things you can do to boost your visibility online.

Social Proof

Perhaps one of the oldest advertising methods out there, social proof is an excellent strategy for gaining more visibility for and increasing the authority of your ecommerce store. Basically, social proof is utilizing the testimonials of others to promote your products and services, whether that be reviews from customers, a celebrity endorsement, or an industry insider giving their approval.

The results of this practice have proven to be consistently positive; in fact, according to a survey posted by Hubspot, approximately 86 percent of female shoppers say they put the most trust in product recommendations made by real people. If you have any testimonials or success stories you can share, these are excellent tools to boost your credibility.

Start by digging through your current customer reviews and online testimonials to see if any stand out. No matter if it’s about your amazing customer service, product selection, or even just brand ethos, this content will help you gain authority with potential new customers. Additionally, make the examples of social proof you show those which shed light on your product’s benefits over the competition, since that can be a crucial element of any sales pitch (and it sounds better coming from a customer!).


Another important strategy you should do your best to implement more often is the call-to-action, or CTA. These usually come at the end of a post, where you ask your audience to do something. This could be signing up for an email newsletter, learning more by going to your website, or buying now with one-click purchasing, but you want to direct your customers to take an action. CTAs will have a positive effect on your social effort because adding a CTA to a Facebook post can increase click-thru rates by as much as 285 percent, according to Protocol80. A CTA is a crucial element to include in your social media posts and something you should implement immediately if you aren’t already doing it.

To begin, look at what you have planned for your social campaigns and if there are any specific products you’re really trying to push. There are a couple different approaches you can take for your CTA; for example, you could be informative (These boots have been made the same way since 1860 and still use American-made materials. Click here to learn more!) or more persuasive (Want to have the hottest summer looks this season? Click the link in our bio!). Use your best judgment depending on your industry and product, but the point is to make your call-to-action something users can (and should) do immediately.

More Visuals

One simple practice to get more engagement is to start using more photos and videos in your posts. Believe it or not, this can make a significant difference in views; according to Forbes, Tweets with images get 86 percent more engagement than those without. Make it a habit to include at least one image per post, no matter which platform you’re using. To accomplish this, get into the habit of capturing more visual content, even if you don’t think you need it right now (you can always use the photos later!).

Flash Sales

Perhaps one of the quickest and easiest ways to gain visibility and make extra cash is with a flash sale. According to Social Marketing Fella, flash sales can generate an approximate 35 percent lift in sales, but of course all retailers have to be strategic about how often they offer deep discounts on their products and services. After all, you don’t want to encourage your customer base to just wait around for the next sale to purchase.

There are a few different businesses should consider initiating flash sale, including too much inventory, trying to gain traction on social media, or even testing a new product’s market viability. Try to hone in on a specific goal for each of your flash sales, including how your margins will look after you factor in shipping and labor. Although flash sales can be good for generating numbers and increasing your social media following, they can be expensive and even end up costing money in the end. This is why it’s so important to crunch the numbers and know what benefits you’re seeking from the sale.

What are some social strategies you’ve implemented to gain more traction for your ecommerce store? Comment with your insights below.