Gina Bella October 14, 2017

Meth or Methamphetamine is one of the most powerful and dangerous addictions. It is only eclipsed by opiate addiction. Both addictions are deadly. Meth is slightly more dangerous due to the high incidents of mixing drugs with meth, particularly other stimulants.

So the question becomes, how do you tell when someone is addicted to meth. Meth addiction is not always obvious. It can be very subtle when at the beginning stages of addiction. The addiction is insidious at first. A new meth addiction is the easiest to stop. As the condition continues more and more is needed to treat it.

Beginning Signs of Meth Addiction

Some of the very first signs of meth addiction are easy to miss. These signs are:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Inability to sleep or insomnia
  • Sneaking around
  • Time away from friends or family that is unexplained
  • Secretive behavior

  • Increased talking or activity
  • Increased breathing or respiration
  • Decreased appetite

You might not notice these effects immediately or in someone else. Each of these is very subtle and may be something aside from a meth addiction.

Intermediate Signs of Meth Addiction

As the addiction continues, the signs become more and more apparent. These are most likely the sign that you will notice faster and when someone is exhibiting these signs, they are almost always an addict.

  • Picking at their skin – meth produces the sensation that your skin is crawling with something. This is more than just itching. Meth addicts will tear at their skin.
  • Crawling sensations – this is like picking but a meth addict will actually complain that there is something under their skin crawling around. This symptom should be medically checked out in any case particularly if they’ve been in an area where bot flies or mango flies are present.

  • Increased secretive behavior – the addict will become very distant and often will get angry if you question their behavior.

This is just a short list of intermediate signs. If you suspect there is something wrong, there probably is. You need to speak with the person or speak with a doctor about the possibility of addiction.

Later Stage Signs of Meth Addiction

The later stages of meth addiction are extremely hard to miss. This is usually when the addiction is so severe that it is causing serious harm to the addict and needs to be stopped as quickly as possible. These sighs are:

  • Sores on the skin and mouth – picking and sores go hand in hand. This means the addict is actually tearing their skin with their fingers and nails. The sores around the mouth are usually from pipe burns or from a virus gained from sharing paraphernalia.
  • Tooth decay – tooth decay usually comes from grinding of the teeth and poor hygiene. This decay is a classic sign of meth addiction and begins by the teeth cracking from pressure.
  • Hair loss – towards the worst of the addiction, the addict may begin to lose their hair. This is usually due to pulling it out or lack of nutrition.

  • Psychosis and delusional behavior – this is a huge warning sign that something is terribly wrong and your loved one needs help immediately.

If you suspect a person of using meth, there is a good chance that they are. Meth addiction becomes very obvious very quickly. Fortunately, there are treatment centers across the country that can help.