Gina Bella February 9, 2018

Artificial Intelligence has been used in different sectors of the economy to automate repetitive tasks, leading to more efficiency. It’s no longer news that webmasters are leveraging AI and ML to develop better search engine optimization strategies. Different algorithm updates to improve user experience have been rolled out since RankBrain became part of Google’s algorithm in 2015. Due to the fact that Google is concerned about providing value for visitors, only sites that can adhere to their guidelines will remain relevant. The competition to improve SEO with AI is currently low and the possibilities are endless. SEO has evolved past the stages of automated link building and keyword stuffing. Let’s take a look at how AI can improve SEO.

·  Engaging customer experience

AI powered chatbots are becoming mainstream as they assist web visitors with different tasks.AI can be used to collect and organize relevant keywords that are entered during searches. It doesn’t stop there, it can offer suggestions on how to use this information effectively. As time goes on, AI will be used to find solutions to customer issues based on their varying preferences and needs.

·  Minimize black hat SEO tactics

Search engines rarely relent on their efforts to develop tools that can spot black hat techniques. Thesetactics involves using the loopholes in search engines to increase rankings. This approach is very risky because Google’s latest algorithm updates are rendering keyword stuffing useless. Websites that engage in this practice are often penalized by the tech giant. The best thing is to carry out link building in the right way. To be on the safer side, endeavor to get rid of irrelevant links and provide backlinks to authority sites only.

·  Enhance voice search

Voice search is used on tablets, smartphones and smart home devices to search for different information online. Typical examples of virtual assistant that use voice chat include Siri, Google Now, Cortana and Alexa. More people prefer voice search over its counterpart due to factors that include convenience and speed. A recent report indicated that mobile search has finally taken over from desktop search by a wide margin. The high rate of mobile device adoption has really contributed to this.

AI is making search engines to be smarter so that they can comprehend audiovisual language. It’s high time that website owners start integrating conversational keywords for content optimization. If you really want to increase the chances of your content appearing in featured snippets, then take voice search seriously.

· Creation of optimized videos

High quality content in different format such as text, images and videos is still in high demand. Video content has been proven over time to increase engagement and it’s a sure way to make visitors spend more time on your site. For instance, most web visitors will rather watch a how-to video than read an article. The bottom line is to develop optimized videos for your website. One way to use this to your advantage involves including relevant keywords in the title of videos, file name, playlist, tags and description. In fact, it has been predicted that more artists that focus on SEO will start emerging this year.