Gina Bella January 9, 2018

After a hymn of dedication, Reverent, Dr. Chris Oyakhilome walked onto stage to kick off an evening of praise and worship to close 2017 and celebrate the start of new year.

As Pastor Christ made his appearance shouting praises to God, the crowd wildly cheered in excitement and anticipation for what was to come during the evening celebration. While the room was filled with many people, many more sat down and watched the presentation from their home computers and televisions with their family and friends.

A Wonderful Year

After the cheering subsided, Pastor Chris and the other hosts, went into a speech about the year of flourishing. They talked about the ministry’s abundance and growth over the last year. One of the biggest highlights of that growth, was the world-wide distribution of 1.3 billion copies of Rhapsody of Realities.

They also spoke of other ways the ministry was touching lives through the Inner-City Mission, Healing School and Loveword networks. In addition to this, they added that the International School of Ministry had trained thousands of ministers throughout the last year which would further the spreading of the love of God.

Future African Leaders Award

After praising God for the flourishing and abundance of the ministry over the last year, the Future African Leaders Awards ceremony began. These awards were given to young African Americans who were making positive changes in their communities. The star prize winner, Naomi Ekpoki Aliyu, fell to her knees after receiving the award and feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit. The other winners also fell to the ground overwhelmed with the grace of Jesus Christ.

Martin PK

Another amazing event during the evening’s proceedings was when Martin PK sang Beautiful Jesus, his new single and the winning song of the Loveworld Music and Arts Award.


Martin PK wasn’t the only one to bless the audience with praise to God. Sinach also sang a song dedicated to God as pastors from Christ Embassy filled the stage to join her in her as she sang in gratitude. As Sinach sang the atmosphere in the room seemed to be full of bliss, thankfulness, and praise. The hearts of many people were touched.

The Night Winds Down

As the night ended, Pastor Chris stood on stage and thanked God for the year of flourishing. He also pronounced 2018 to be the year of the supernatural and encouraged people to send in names of loved ones to be prayed over and to pray for the gifts of prophesy to be brought into their lives.

The Experience

The evening with Pastor Chris was one to be remembered. The room was filled with awe of the presence of Pastor Chris himself, and also the glory of the Lord. The participants enjoyed the service from beginning to end. Excitement, praise and thanksgiving radiated off the crowd as they watched the Man of God, Pastor Chris speak of the Lord’s goodness. Not only that, but Chris made the connection to God real for the audience, so that they experienced Him themselves. Both those who had joined in person, and the many watching from their homes were blessed by the experience.

December 31s, 2017, was a night to be remembered! May God reign down his spirit onto 2018 and make it a year of the supernatural, so that it may be as successful, flourishing and as abundant, as this one.