Month: May 2018

Gina Bella May 16, 2018

Although it may not represent the future that was promised to the tech world by the techno-thriller popularly known as ‘The Lawnmower Man’ in 1992, virtual reality and its associated technologies are the future. The new virtual reality technology is something that any progressive business needs to pay attention to. The kinks in VR technology […]

Gina Bella May 3, 2018

As most young brides will tell you, it is not uncommon to have spent much of our growing up years looking forward to our wedding day. From planning all of the relevant details in our head to spending hours imagining our prince charming, girls spend endless hours thinking about that special day. Unfortunately, this is […]

Gina Bella May 2, 2018

White dresses are one of the most widely used pieces of clothing by men all over the world. No man’s wardrobe is complete without a range of white dresses. They give you the best and stylish look. It is one of the favorites and most sought-after clothing these days. Among all, white t shirts are […]

Gina Bella May 2, 2018

Healthy living has a lot of positive benefits both for the mind and the body. When you eat well you feel good, and when you have a good feeling, when you are happier, you become more productive, and this wonderful cycle continues. Additionally, restaurants and shops all over the world are onboarding the bandwagon of […]