Gina Bella February 24, 2018

Countless big and small businesses have been using promotional items to attract customers for centuries. The approach is still very relevant even though marketing trends are always evolving. The first step to getting the best out of your promotional items involves designing a fool proof strategy. It’s doesn’t stop there, you need to determine whether it’s successful or not by measuring your results. There is no need to visit a brick and mortar shop before purchasing promotional items anymore. You can easily order Custom printed plastic cups or umbrellas without any hassles online. The mistakes below must be avoided at all costs when purchasing promotional items.

1.    Opting for low quality products

The fact that most small businesses operate on a tight budget isn’t an excuse to offer low quality items. Manufacturers usually make them available at affordable prices. In this wise, go for high quality materials that are practical because the standard will say a lot about your brand.

2.    Choosing unsuitable items

Some brands just select certain products simply because they like them. The marketing strategies of this era doesn’t support this approach and it rarely works. Carry out an extensive research of your target audience taste and preferences. You will have enough information to createproducts that are appealing and long lasting.

3.    Excessive information

Although Banner Pens are a great way to educate your customers, avoid overloading them or any other promotional materials with information. A professional can assist you to design the best products that will include only the necessary details. The bottom line is to balance the information with respect to the surface of the items.

4.    Not designing a distribution plan

The purpose of the promotional items usually influences the distribution plan. While some companies use them to create product awareness, others may use them to drive more traffic to their sites. Determine whether the distribution will be via email or offered during sponsored events. This decision must be taken few months before launching the campaign and purchasing the items.

5.    Failing to order on time

A significant percentage of entrepreneurs are often caught up with the day to day running of their businesses. This is quite common if the company is solely controlled by an individual or the business owner isn’t maximizing automation tools. Ordering promotional items when it’s too late usually attract an extra cost.However, requesting for them in advance will enable you to check the materials to discover any error or request for more. Start researching and develop a viable strategy as soon as possible. You can also set reminders on your smartphone.

6.    Forgetting to double check

Once the proof is sent by the promotional firm, try to double check before approving. It’s advisable to invite others to review it thoroughly as you may have overlooked some errors while checking in a hurry. Some of the things to note include the font, color, logo and slogan. Ignoring this step can lead to paying extra to rectify the mistakes after the products are delivered.