Gina Bella August 10, 2018

Running a business, for the most part, is exciting. After all, that’s part of why you became a business leader in the first place: you like to be in charge, and leading your own company, and making money how you want to. Whether you’re finding new ways to pay your employees, like using eChecks, or […]

Gina Bella May 2, 2018

Healthy living has a lot of positive benefits both for the mind and the body. When you eat well you feel good, and when you have a good feeling, when you are happier, you become more productive, and this wonderful cycle continues. Additionally, restaurants and shops all over the world are onboarding the bandwagon of […]

Gina Bella March 28, 2018

Nearly one-third of American children are considered overweight or obese. Not surprisingly, healthcare providers are seeking to learn more about family-based interventions. While this approach has long been recommended, little research has been done to document its effectiveness. New studies, however, suggest that family-based interventions significantly improve the health status of children who are overweight or obese. […]

Gina Bella March 6, 2018

As you age, it becomes highly important that you start taking care of yourself. You might look at movie stars or other celebrities who are over 45 but look almost 10 years younger and envy them. However, it is not something impossible. It is just that they take excellent care of themselves. So, what can […]

Gina Bella January 16, 2018

Whether it’s the coming of the New Year, another birthday rolling around, or even that random spark of energy you get when spring rolls around, at some point or another everyone has felt the urge to take on a healthier lifestyle. It’s a noble goal, but it’s one that most people have a hard time […]

Gina Bella October 28, 2017

Health and wellness is known to be of utmost importance for everybody. The fact is that everyone wants to live a healthy life. They strive to achieve the ultimate wellness of their well-being. It will not be wrong to suggest that all health and wellness products are in huge demand nowadays. As per recent surveys […]

Gina Bella October 14, 2017

Meth or Methamphetamine is one of the most powerful and dangerous addictions. It is only eclipsed by opiate addiction. Both addictions are deadly. Meth is slightly more dangerous due to the high incidents of mixing drugs with meth, particularly other stimulants. So the question becomes, how do you tell when someone is addicted to meth. […]

Gina Bella July 25, 2017

It’s understandable the best hair thinning treatment methods are one which really works. While there are lots of products available on the market supposedly created for hair regenerating, most easily show no results whatsoever. You will find, however, a couple of that have been shown to dramatically stimulate follicle production in females who are suffering […]

Gina Bella June 22, 2017

Serious surgical procedures require frequently entail a extended recovery process. Lasik eye surgery may come as the same. Your eyes, being very sensitive organs, have to recover after receiving incisions in the medical laser. Not doing this can lead to complications, that you may finish up undergoing another costly eye operation. Clearly, you need to […]

Gina Bella April 17, 2017

Forget everything you have been told about calories in and calories out for any couple of minutes. While overall the concept holds true for many people it’s not only false it’s a huge towering obstacle getting when it comes to ideal weight loss. Many years of yo-yo dieting and deprivation took its toll to the […]