Gina Bella February 27, 2018

Owning an ATV has a lot of perks to it. You can tread on any terrain you like, and at the same time experience the exhilarating wind against your face. They let you experience life on the edge for real. However, things don’t always go as planned and sometimes your vtt cote a cote can go through problems. This could ruin a bright day of potentially brilliant adventure. However, to prevent that you can try out the following troubleshooting methods for most ATV issues:-


Having your ATV battery fail on a day of adventure would be horrible. You can know that something is wrong with the battery when your vehicle doesn’t power on or makes lazy sounds. This can happen due to various reasons, and the most common one is not running the engine for a prolonged period.

If you need to check whether something is wrong with the battery, you can quickly to do this by hooking up its terminals to a multimeter. If the charge is less than 12V, you need to fix it. The best way to fix this would be to attach it’s terminals to a battery booster using alligator clips. After a quick recharge, it should function normally.


The main thing that runs a vehicle is fuel. But to get the fuel to run the system, you need to ignite it. When your battery is functioning correctly, and the vehicle still doesn’t start. The problem is probably with the ignition. Fixing the ignition is slightly more difficult than the battery.

The first step is to check the spark plugs. You should see if they have any signs of corrosion and if they do, you should clean them with a mild acid. They could also be out of place and in this case, you should put them back in place. However, if these two steps don’t fix the issue, you should call a mechanic.


Engine failures are considerably harder to detect if you are not well experienced in handling them in the past. The air filters could be clogged, and you should try to clean them. Also, disconnect and reconnect the fuel lines in case they were blocked. It is advisable to call a mechanic at this point to get your ATV fixed.

So the next time your ATV doesn’t start, you can look for the above signs and try to fix it yourself. This would not only help you save money but also provide valuable experience.