Gina Bella October 12, 2017

It is said that the craftsman is only as good as the tools that they bring to the job, and when it comes to the job of safely tracking your vehicles and assets, you want the best tool in the shed.  When thinking about GPS asset tracking devices therefore, consider a system that allows you to not only provides GPS asset tracking devices, but also provides you a wealth of information relevant to keeping your fleet operating safely and efficiently resulting in fuel savings, longer vehicle life, and feeding a demand for real time data and analytics.

Fuel and Operating Expense Savings

When operating a fleet of vehicles, operating costs can quickly escalate and nowhere is that more evident than when calculating fuel costs.

Armed with GPS asset tracking devices, managers can access date regarding a wealth of fuel burning practices from use of excessive speed to the cost that idling can have on your fuel budget.  Indeed, it is estimated that an hour spent idling can cost upwards of a gallon of gas.

It is critical to contain your expenses when operating in an environment of escalating operation costs, and GPS asset tracking devices are a high tech way of keeping en eye on each drop of fuel your fleet uses on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

Longer Vehicle Life Span

Once upon a time, the gauges of a vehicle were viewed as windows into the inner workings of a vehicle’s engine, but that is an increasingly low-tech solution in light of advancements made in the field of GPS tracking technology.

Indeed, with advanced diagnostic measuring, your GPS system can monitor an array of mechanical functions that might otherwise go unnoticed and un-serviced.  As an example, you can access your speed report to keep your driver’s foot off the gas pedal, which leads to a lower impact and wear on your engine.

Slower speeds can also reduce accidents that can lead to lower insurance payments.  Additionally, you can generate a maintenance summary report that indicates the exact moment when you need to service each vehicle before mechanical problems put your vehicle out of service.

Real Time Data and Diagnostic Information

Perhaps the best advantage that you will enjoy by adopting the use of GPS asset tracking devices is the wealth of metrics and diagnostic information that will be at your fingertips.  You will no longer have to wait for a sputtering engine to signal a problem with your most expensive asset.

We live in an information era, but all that information is of little use if it can’t be accessed and analyzed in a timely fashion, and that full access is afforded with a GPS tracking system.


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