Gina Bella February 12, 2018

What could be more elegant than classic sliding glass doors from The Sliding Door Company? A nationally-renowned company selling interior glass door solutions, the company has been in business for over a decade. Headquartered in Southern California’s Los Angeles County, the brand has expanded with showrooms and brand ambassadors throughout the United States.

The Sliding Door Company offers different types of glass doors, all completely customizable from top to bottom. These include:

  • Glass Barn Doors. These extraordinary beautiful yet functional glass doors are a lighter, modern take on the classic, rustic look of actual barns with livestock! Yet these are a more contemporary look. They are virtually silent as they glide along a decorative top track, and they have no bottom track. Like all the glass doors offered by The Sliding Door Company, these are offered with numerous customization options, such as framed or frameless styles. Barn doors are an elegant solution to space-dividing and maintaining as much natural light in a space as possible.
  • Room Dividers. Like sliding glass doors, glass room dividers are a beautiful way to section off space without sacrificing natural light. They give an illusion of an open floor plan as they divide space without completely sectioning off one area of the house for another. They divide, open and make your space more beautiful. These room dividers have a sturdy build that is sure to last throughout the years, even decades. They are customizable and never dislodge from their tracks, with easy-glide wheels and multiple track options. Think of them as the beautiful sliding glass doors that are always in style; a timeless look for a beautiful interior decoration scheme.
  • Glass Closet Doors. Why only worry about the rest of the house and sacrifice the interior décor of the bedroom? The Sliding Door Company lets you do just that, with our lightweight, durable and beautiful solution to enriching your bedroom and saving space. The glass for your closet doors is thick – either 5 mm or 7 mm tempered or laminated glass, respectively. They never dislodge from the tracks, unlike traditional sliding closet doors that create a frequent nuisance. Customers are encouraged to give these a look and check out how they are lightweight, but totally sturdy and guaranteed to last for a long, long time.
  • Traditional swing doors. These doors pivot in the same way that an ordinary door pivots, yet they are extraordinary! Like all the doors offered by The Sliding Door Company, they are customizable, elegant, and lightweight yet sturdy.

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