Gina Bella May 2, 2018

Healthy living has a lot of positive benefits both for the mind and the body. When you eat well you feel good, and when you have a good feeling, when you are happier, you become more productive, and this wonderful cycle continues. Additionally, restaurants and shops all over the world are onboarding the bandwagon of healthy living, making it easier for individuals to treat bodies right. The healthy foods below are the best you can find around the world and are foods for maintaining weight. They are also perfect for understanding essential minerals and vitamins the body requires to stay functional. These foods are also very delicious.


This readily available nutrient-dense green is best when in all forms; frozen, fresh, or canned. It is among the healthiest foods for healthier and thicker hair. It is packed with vitamin A, vitamin K, essential folate, energy, and low in calories. You can add onion and add it to an omelet for healthy, easy meal.

Black beans

It has super healthy antioxidants and digests slowly to help you stay full for longer. These beans have a lot of protein, calcium, and possess a great taste. You need to think of Mexican food because these beans will tickle your fancy.


Walnut has more antioxidants than other nuts. They brim with omega 3 oils, vitamin E, rich in plant serums, and other healthy fats. You need to keep a supply of these nuts in your bag as it is a healthy snack on the go.


They are perfect for the brain and have the skills of lowering blood pressure. It is often overlooked as a healthy food. This root vegetable has a lot of folates, vitamin C, and magnesium. You need to grate them to attain a crunchy, sweet boost.


Eating about two avocados weekly accords you benefits of healthy monounsaturated fats, loads of folate, and vitamin B6. You need to talk to your grocer to ensure you get this fruit while available. Eating it on a toast with pepper and salt will hand you great health benefits.

Dark chocolate

According to research, chocolate has contents of a lot of gram for gram, antioxidants, than a lot of fruit juices. Added to protecting the body from many diseases and assisting in preventing conditions of the heart, dark chocolate is perfect for boosting the mood naturally. You need to eat this food moderately so that you reap the benefits.


Just like the other berries, raspberries are full of antioxidants that help in keeping the body free of disease and healthy. They are foods for the liver. Frozen or fresh, they provide iron, calcium, and vitamin C. to eat them right, you will have to sprinkle them on porridge or yogurt in the morning for starting the day in a delicious and sweet manner.


The pungent garlic bulb has been crucial for warding off disease for long because it inhibits bacteria growth, blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, and possesses serious anti-inflammatory properties. It is best to crush and cook it before eating. It tastes well in all things from soups, curries, and sauces to dressings.