Gina Bella April 3, 2018

Running an online store can be a very rewarding experience. But if you are not prepared to capitalize on your traffic gains, you could be missing out on the windfall of sales and retention that are yours for the taking when you tap directly into the customer’s journey.

Certainly, the ecommerce industry is cluttered, and online marketing can often feel like an uphill battle. If you’re already seeing a nice influx of inbound traffic and sales from your marketing efforts, there’s no time like the present to learn a few tricks that can help you supercharge your bottom line.

Today’s 3dcart retailers have an array of options at their fingertips for improving their online store. By integrating the following three solutions into your marketing game plan, you can take things to the next level a lot sooner than you thought possible.

Your Newsletter Matters

What you say in your newsletter and how often you reach out to new and existing customers is important to your bottom line. 3dcart already offers a convenient newsletter sign-up feature and addable applications (via the App Store) that you can use to integrate a mailing list sign-up at your online store.

Newsletters help you gain more traction with flash and seasonal sales. They also give you an immediate way to directly connect with your customer base. It’s easy to grow your newsletter; just offer a discount on same-day purchases for signing up (the most common is 10% off the first order).

Mailing lists help you:

  • Keep customers informed
  • Reach out to old customers
  • Send cart abandonment emails
  • Advertise flash and seasonal sales

Streamline Your Returns Policy

How you manage returns is incremental to the long-term health of your bottom line and future ROI. Did you know that 65% of customers read your return policy before making a buying decision? Studies find that 80% of people want an easy way to return things online, and most don’t want to pay return shipping or restocking fees. Keep these facts in mind when crafting your return policy.

To improve sales, follow these simple tips:

  • Make returns easy and automated
  • Don’t charge return shipping fees
  • State your return policy clearly
  • Make your return policy easy to find

Improve the Customer Journey

The customer journey begins with them learning about your online store, products or services. Every interaction that occurs after that is another step in the journey towards a conversion. Once a customer converts and buys something, the journey is far from over. That customer has a timeline and a history with your online store. Knowing how to keep them coming back for repeat business is critical to your success.

It’s likely that you’re selling across more channels than just an online store. To improve the customer journey, you’ll need a cross-channel 3dcart CRM software that gathers data from all these points (think Amazon, eBay, Jet and others). Using this type of a solution, you’ll be able to know where customers came from, what they bought and why, their shipping preference and even why they may have returned something.

Using rich data points like these, you can improve your inventory, remove commonly returned items to reduce cost, and learn more about what your customers really want. You’ll also be able to craft more effective marketing messages that better resonate with your direct audience:Your customers. Making your store stand out from others in a crowded ecommerce jungle is half the battle to becoming the next big success story.